The Haunted frontman takin’ no shit!

The Haunted vocalist Peter Dolving posted the following message on his Myspace page:

“You know, death threats are a drag. I’ve recieved my fair share, the latest one scribbled out by some pimple sucking ass-fingering little snot licker son of a bitch on Blabbermouth. It’s one of those things with metal. You threaten me and that pretty much gives me justification to find you and fucking hurt you. I don’t take lightly on it. Personally I don’t make a habit of going around making theats to people. There’s no point really. In my world bad things do happen. It’s part of reality. It doesn’t scare me anymore, but it does irritate me. Even if that piss ant of a mommas boy figured it as a joke…”

“So how serious is it? Serious enough for friends to tell they’ll happily take whoever wrote that moronic little comment out permanently. One of my brothers from the Double C calmly wanted to know if our little comment boy was bold enough to say where he was gonna take me out. The whole thing irritates me because now all my boys are gonna be a little extra on edge and they don’t need that pressure, they’re too good for that shit. Sure, if you have your ass situated in some peaceful little town of bumfuck nowhere living at mom and dads I’m sure it’s an easy thing tapping the keyboard of your computer without having the slightest idea of the consequences. But know this — threaten my ass for executing my right to speak my heart and soul — you are open season. OK?”

“You can hate me. You can tell me you wish I was dead. You can send me dogshit for Xmas. You can piss on my picture in the metal magazines. You can pray god will strike me out with a bolt of lightning. I have no problem with any of that – hell, I’m sure I deserve it every once in a while. But threaten me and you’re fucking with a whole lot of good people with as harsh a take on reality as myself. They don’t need that, and I don’t need that. Now as far me writing my little blogs etc. nothing changes. I will still do what I do. I will still speak my heart and live open with my thoughts because I think life lived in silence is worse than death. I think life dictated by some pathetic tight regimen of simple minded ignorant cowardice bullshit aint even life. I will speak the truth, honestly. I will show my emotions and I accept that I won’t always be in the right or that others won’t always agree. It’s what life is all about. Participation. But I can’t learn a god damned thing in life if I lock myself in some little box of fixed reality fake security and stifling hush hush.”

“Now to the dumb ass who wrote he’ll kill me if Blabbermouth posts anything I write ever again I have this to say — fuck you, punk. Your shit don’t fly. I am all about the love and love is fearful heavy. Got that, dog? Now keep licking your balls and shut your fucking hole until you decide to use your braincell before you speak.”

Dolving and The Haunted have lost the bloody plot! Bring back the Slayer riffs!

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