Zeal & Ardor bottle their past and their future with ‘Erase’

The quieter bluesy past of Zeal & Ardor smashes against the aggressive strides of their fast-approaching heavy future with ‘Erase.’

Following the waring aggression of ‘Run‘ back in May, which asked “where’s your fucking god?“, Zeal & Ardor’s latest venture is another feral, dark dive into cerebral metaphor and poignant literal. ‘Erase‘ is a song about survival, of burning it all down, of historical and personal erasure at the hands of another. Like so many of their songs, repeat listens and clever interview questions and answers will reveal their deeper meanings in time.

Spindling little clean guitar figures and soft, mumbling croons sit on a lit fuse for the intro of ‘Erase‘, one that hastily fires up into aggro, panicked and dissonant metal and striking distorted screams. The past and future, both wrapped up in a single piece. When these two counterparts bleed over one another, it’s impressive and powerful stuff from one of the freshest, most innovative new metal acts of the 21st century. The songs low-key moments of pensive quiet instil reflection and sorrow, whereas it’s loud and pounding blackened metal eruptions share rage and bitterness. Such is the duality of Zeal & Ardor in 2021, such is Manuel and pals’ careful restraint and all-out release, and it’s so welcome.

At this stage, Zeal & Ardor are likely plotting their self-titled third record for a 2022 release.

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