Turnstile continue to evolve gracefully with fun new jam, ‘Blackout’

Turnstile do things their own way. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. On ‘Blackout,’ it’s most certainly the former instance.

With their anticipated new 15-track album, ‘Glow On,’ lighting up on August 27th, 2021 will be the year that Baltimore’s Turnstile seriously up the ante and step out into their own. Spreading their pastel hardcore wings and developing their sound further than it’s ever gone before. Hardcore, bright colours, electronics, pop, highly ambitious lengthy music videos – whatever Turnstile can get their hands on, they throw it into their creative banks and turn those ideas into boisterous art. Their previous two albums and high-octane live shows already embody these ideals.

This year so far, first came undeniably catchy, hyper fun tracks like the hazy ‘Mystery‘ and the fist-pumping ‘Holiday.’ The kind of vibrant hardcore songs that make you want to stage dive, steal the mic, and speak your fucking truth. Those two singles are genuinely some of the groups finest tracks, further evidence of just how earnest and enjoyable Turnstile are as a collective. When they hit, they really hit. Good vibes all around. Then there are left-field curveballs like the subversive and glittering low-key mood of ‘Alien Love Call.’ (A very cool song, though I really wasn’t into Blood Orange’s second verse.)

Basically, Turnstile does things their own way. Sometimes it works, like on the three songs mentioned above, and other times it just doesn’t: the half-baked ideas of ‘T.L.C.‘ and ‘No Surprise‘ do nothing for me. However, on ‘Blackout,’ it’s most certainly the former instance. This action-packed three-minute tune serves as a great hardcore punk piece that endears itself to fast drums and quick guitars, both electronic and hand percussion, a cute whistle call, and some neat phased-out melodies. It’s all strange but a shit load of fun. It’s songs like ‘Blackout‘ that are going to see Turnstile go down in the annals of hardcore history as one of its 21st-century greats. A band that can hang with the veteran acts, but also be fearless in trying out fresh ideas, experimenting with what hardcore can be without jumping the shark.

That’s what makes Turnstile great. Stream ‘Blackout‘; you ain’t too cool for it.

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