Premiere: Shangrila continue to mature with the heartfelt ‘Lift Me Up’

Perth’s Shangrila continue to grow with ‘Lift Me Up.’ 

Go back five or more years, and Perth’s Shangrila look and sound more like a metalcore crew. That information only helps add to the context of where the indie alt-rockers are at today and the coming-of-age experience of their newest single, ‘Lift Me Up,’ which we’re keen to be premiering the music video for today. Like many other bands before them, this song reflects a transition from one’s youth (hardcore/metalcore) into their adulthood (alt-rock and indie), not just on a shifting musical level, but also on a personal level.

Culled from their upcoming ‘Analog Youth‘ five-track EP, due to drop Friday, August 27th, the sound of ‘Lift Me Up reflects the band’s ever-changing sonic process, which (nicely) runs parallel to the song’s theme of maturing, working out what you stand for, and how that conviction can impact yourself and others. Vocalist Devyn Jupp explains thusly:

“Once you enter your 20’s you start to experience the world differently, everything becomes a lot more real. Things you might have been lucky enough to avoid in your younger years like heartbreak, deaths of friends or family and mental health all tend to expose themselves throughout this time in your life.”

“You also discover a lot about yourself and who you are as a person – what you honestly do and don’t like in this world, your best and worst traits, you dive deeper into past regrets and your future hopes.” You experience the highest of highs and the lowest of lows and you come to realise decisions that you make actually do affect yourself and more importantly the others around you.”

The last time we heard from Shangrila – Devyn Jupp, Jackson Macleod (guitars) and Dan Harper (drums) – it was on last year’s lovely ‘Happy‘ single, one of the band’s finest songs. Here, Shangrila is exploring that soothing alt-rock sound even further with the tonally rich guitar work, smooth-as-hell production, a sweet hook, and some really lovely, delicate vocal moods (even briefly bringing back in the bridge some of those semi-harsher screams from their older metalcore works) all of which seriously elevate ‘Lift Me Up.’ Fans of Trophy Eyes and Slowly Slowly need only apply within.

Shangrila will be launching this bad boy at Perth’s Amplifier Bar on Saturday, July 10th with supports from Pot Plant House Party, Scream Mountain and Reins.

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