Jinjer are back on their groove-metal bullshit with ‘Vortex’

‘Vortex’ is a firm reminder that Jinjer are one of the coolest, tightest and most promising metal bands around.

Vortex‘ doesn’t break new ground for Jinjer and it’s not a top-tier hit for the band’s catalogue: you won’t see this new single beating out ‘Captain Clock,’ ‘Pisces‘ or ‘On The Top.’ However, ‘Vortex‘ is still a solid, dynamic little groove-metalcore track for the Ukrainian band, one that succinctly summarises why this group has exploded in popularity over the last few years. A band that appeases the senses of average heavy fans merely wanting good, head-banging tunes and progressive-leaning music nerds alike. Both of which are true on ‘Vortex,’ from its intricate verses to its brutal finish.

The most obvious aspect of their strengths is the incredible vocal technique and Mezzo-Soprano range of leading lady, Tatiana Shmailyuk. Yet it goes beyond her impressive singing and screaming abilities. (Abilities that are just as potent live.) It’s in the darkened picking and chunky, dissonant tangled heaviness of guitarist Roman Ibramkhalilov. In the mind-connected rhythm section of bassist Eugene Abdukhanov and drummer Vladislav Ulasevich, the former slapping away on his six-string bass, while the latter’s patterns and ghost notes around the kit are infectious for that awesome backbone feel of every Jinjer track. All of this is present on ‘Vortex.’

There’s just this killer four-piece dynamic Jinjer wield with their songs, including ‘Vortex.’ One that’s authentic, ait-tight, and super fucking groovy. Safely expect more from Jinjer later in 2021.

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