Delta Sleep and the math-rock bliss of ‘View To A Fill’

‘View To A Fill,’ the latest song from Delta Sleep’s next LP, is precisely why they’re one of the best contemporary math-rock bands around.

Hey, have you heard Delta Sleep’s impeccable 2018 math-rock opus, ‘Ghost City‘? You haven’t? Well, then you’ve got some homework to do after reading this article. But over to the subject of this here piece: the U.K. quartet’s latest exploration of indie-emo and math-pop, ‘View To A Fill.’ If you’re a fan of TNNG, Tangled Hair and Tiny Moving Parts, then this shit is for you.

Following the stop-and-go rhythms and jubilant melodies of their previous single, ‘The Detail,’ Delta Sleep’s second song to be taken from upcoming LP ‘Spring Island‘ (out September 10th via their own label, Sofa Boy Records) is a vibrant and majestic piece of math-rock beauty. ‘View To A Fill‘ is just so bright and sunny in its melodic disposition and increasingly warm guitar tones, and the feelings it tries to instil in the listener with a push-and-pull between ‘new’ and ‘nostalgic.’ Yet it’s not forced or unnatural sounding, thank god. More so like a band offering a nod and smile towards themselves and their listeners who struggled throughout lockdown in 2020; lyrically talking of isolation and rearranging the furniture; offering them some solace with some uplifting math rock.

With all four band members, each standing in front of massive canvas backdrops of various landscapes, the video is like an escape into another world. That’s the sense of escapism that the snappy drums, reverie hooks, aggro bass and chirpy guitars aim to imbue you with. For me, and while this is a very on-brand sound for the band, it works a hell of a lot. Delta Sleep excels at writing swell and happy but never corny songs, and when you throw some tasteful rests and technical rhythmic play with how their instrumentation and song structure flows like that heard in ‘View To A Fill,’ it comes together nicely. It’s like a kind of intricate blissfulness.

Waiter, I’ll have the upbeat math-rock with a side of riffs, thank you very much!

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