Burn In Hell have choice words for white-supremacists with the crushing ‘Bleach’

Burn In Hell rise to meet the violence and racism of far-right groups and white supremacists with ‘Bleach’; new record out August 7th. 

Sydney’s Burn In Hell first rose from a fiery pit back in 2018 with their savage and imposing hardcore debut LP, ‘Humanity Plague.’ Among their ranks, some may recognise ex-Vices and current Amends drummer Marcus Tamp, as well as former Vices bassist, Jai Curtis, who played in various other melodic hardcore bands, but Burn In Hell are another beast entirely than the other groups their members are and were apart of. Something the band remind us all of with their latest single, ‘Bleach,‘ one of seven bruising new cuts from their upcoming record.

With a sample from Regina King’s Angela Abar from HBO’s Watchmen – “I’ve got a nose for white supremacy. And he smells like bleach” – Burn In Hell proceed to kick in your teeth with the kind of buzzing, head-caving metallic hardcore sounds that would make the likes of Nails, Harm’s Way and Weekend Nachos proud. It’s tougher than chewing concrete, the band not shying away from their beliefs, proposing an important message: to be ever vigilant and stand against the growing tide of racism, Neo-nazism and far-right hate groups around the world today. Australia is not immune to this; these groups are enabled by the current systems of power, whether here, in Europe, the U.K. or in the Americas. ‘Bleach‘ is about rising to meet their violence and racism with power, disruption, resistance and colour.

For more info on these topics and those kinds of vile groups, follow writers and creators far smarter and more resourceful than I, like Tom Tanuki or Some More News.

Disavowol Of The Creator God‘ is out this August 6th, 2021 via Reason and Rage Records.

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