Zeal & Ardor release aggro new cut ‘Run’ from upcoming third LP

Zeal & Ardor move in heavier, darker direction with the brutal ‘Run.’  

In 2020, Zeal & Ardor turned up the heat with their ‘Wake Of A Nation‘ EP, a political six-song release that saw Manuel Gagneux no longer being subtle about the underlying racial commentary that propels his band’s black metal blues compositions. An EP about a nation (and the world) waking up to the real and current racism that festers today. Thematically, ‘Wake Of A Nation‘ was a sign of the times – of 2020’s mass BLM protests and outcry against rising fascism and police brutality – and the music reflected that rage in songs like ‘Tuskagee‘ and ‘Trust No One.’ Taking the heaviness of those two further, we have the flight-or-fight ‘Run.’

“Run is the first single we are releasing off of our self-titled album because, while there are definitely familiar elements present, it sets the tone for things to come. It is surely one of our most aggressive songs yet, but that is just a vanguard of what lies ahead.” -Manuel Gagneux.

A glitchy vocal ostinato permeates the piece, as does Manuel’s sorrowful singing and his harrowing screams of “Where’s your fucking god when you’re bout to rot?“, eschewing the beloved bluesy call-and-response vocals of their older works. This is all backed up by hard-hitting, burlier-than-ever guitars and drummer Marco Von Allmen’s heavier emphasis on double-kick attacks and driving tom-heavy patterns. It’s one of the heaviest, darkest and angriest pieces of music that Zeal’s ever created. A potent first taste of what will be their upcoming self-titled third album, even if it’s just one side of what this new LP will explore. Safely expect a late 2021 or early 2022 release window.

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