New Imprisoned songs showcase the vocal power of Jamie Hope (ex-The Red Shore/IKTPQ)

One of the best voices in Aussie metal joins one of our nation’s most beloved hardcore acts.

In somewhat oldish news that I only found out about today, Jamie Hope, ex-vocalist of The Red Shore and I Killed The Prom Queen, is now fronting Melbourne hardcore crew, Imprisoned. It’s been a while between drinks for them, their last release being 2018’s two-track, ‘Hard To Kill.’ But Jamie’s inclusion not only elevates their profile but due to the versatile technique of the dude’s insane voice, makes the group’s sound even more lethal. Something that’s felt damned hard on their recent two singles, ‘The Unstoppable Marching of Time‘ and ‘Bite My Tongue.’

The Unstoppable Marching of Time‘ is easily the best Imprisoned have ever sounded. With far smoother production polish that doesn’t get in the way of their killer metallic hardcore sound, Jamie is given a mighty groove-metal soundscape to vocally show off within. An ominous and violent tune, Imprisoned feel genuinely unstoppable, going for a less chaotic sound but an all-around tighter, bone-pummeling approach. It’s a crushing, slow-moving steam-roller that’ll fucking pancake you.

Then there’s ‘Bite My Tongue,’ being just as bludgeoning. It’s pure fight music, displaying some hectic Harm’s Way-esque worship, though I’m here for it. With squealing pinch harmonics, wicked vocals, two-step parts, tough riffage, sharp double-kicks, and a final breakdown that chews up concrete like it was grass, it’s indomitable songs like ‘Bite My Tongue‘ that prove Imprisoned won’t be walked over any longer. That they sure aren’t here to fuck spiders.

These singles also make it clear why Jamie is one of Australia’s finest vocalists, due to the real clarity, venomous tone, overall range and sheer power he produces on both. Guy’s a monster! (No word yet on why the band parted ways with their previous vocalist, though.) But the rest of the Aussie outfit hold their own, with the slickest, most streamlined songwriting they’ve had thus far. Making this the most I’ve cared about anything from Imprisoned; not that I don’t like them or thought they were bad before, I just haven’t ever been this interested in a new release from them.

Speaking of, Imprisoned’s upcoming album, ‘Nerve,’ is out May 7th. And yes, there will be a cassette tape of it.

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