Track-by-track: Hail The Sun take us deep into the origins & creation of ‘New Age Filth’

With each subsequent new record, California’s Hail The Sun match, best and usurp their previous release. Each new block in the figurative chain is the best one since the last. That’s been the incredibly consistent pattern they’ve followed since practically their inception. From their second album ‘Wake’ (2014), through to the stellar ‘Culture Scars’ (2016) and then the killer ‘Mental Knife‘ (2018), it now happens once again with the release of ‘New Age Filth.’ And it’ll probably happen again in a couple of years time with the next LP. Very few bands can pull this off, but when it does happen, and it is exceedingly rare, it’s a beautiful thing to witness. 

As always, the American group blend cathartic self-reflections over sweet post-hardcore, progressive-rock and math-rock instrumentals that thread the needle between complex and tasteful. Ideas that broaden wider during the blazing ten-track course of ‘New Age Filth.’ It’s them, but with a larger lens applied, all with great hooks aplenty and amazing interplay and melodies from guitarists Shane Gann and Aric Garcia. Just like their other records, Hail The Sun’s bandleader, drummer and singer, Donovan Melero, absolutely sends it on their latest and greatest in his respective roles behind the mic and kit. (‘Parasitic Cleanse‘ is a terrific example of exactly this.) As ‘New Age Filth’ enters the world, the band was kind enough to peel back the layers and reveal the meanings and perspectives behind these heartfelt tracks, sharing how they came to be. 

1. ‘Domino’

“Reflecting is important. What we might discover in reflection can be a hard pill to swallow. I’m only as big as my weakest character flaw. I’m told that I talk a lot in my sleep, and these are the things I think I say.”

“On the demo for this song, Aric’s solo toward the beginning was more of a ‘concept’ than a part. When it came time for the final performance to be tracked, producer/engineer Kris Crummett was hoping Aric could basically recreate it perfectly. Somehow, after just a few minutes of re-learning the out-of-time slides and remembering his nuances, he deftly laid down a perfect recreation.”


“Communication is extremely important. Trust who you love, love who you trust. We slander what we fear.”

“One of our favorite moments on this track is the guitar part Shane plays just before the very ending, which adds a really cool, unique texture to Aric’s heavy chord riff.”

3. ‘Solipsism’

“Arms length. We love the flow of this song, which feels reminiscent of some of our older structures, but with a new sense of maturity.”

4. ‘Misfire’

“I’m detached in a frenzy of gratification and remorse.”

“The main sections of this song were first written back in 2018 by Shane & Donovan (who was playing bass at the time). We held onto the idea through all the ‘Mental Knife’ writing, and resurfaced it during the writing for ‘New Age Filth.'”

5. ‘Made Your Mark’

“We met in a whirlwind type of way. We loved in a way only we could. We had never experienced another excitement quite like this. While I would have never wanted that to end, no matter what happens, you have made your mark on me forever. We made a mark on each other.  I’ll never be the same because of your presence here on this earth. Thank you.”

“Most of our songs are pieced together meticulously, with parts rehashed and replaced quite often; on the contrary, Made Your Mark was one of our rare creations that fell very organically out of us, collectively, over just the course of one long day.”

6. ‘Slipped My Mind ‘

“I know it’s bad, I know what it does to my life, and the relationships I have all around me. But I still romanticize it, like an old fling.”

“Another example of a resurfaced gem, the bulk of this song’s skeleton (structure, feel) was written way back in 2014 while preparing songs for ‘Wake.’ Luckily, Shane found the demo on an old hard drive, and we all brought the song back to life.”

7. ‘Parasitic Cleanse’

“Atomic weapons can only be used on human beings by other beings when we view the targets as parasites that need to be wiped from this earth. Otherwise, how can one ever justify such destruction?”

“We rarely cross all the way into this realm of heavy, but this song felt like it needed the full treatment. With that said, we love that the chorus serves as a great change of pace from other heavy songs.”

8. ‘Hysteriantics’

It feels like I’m going crazy, plain and simple.”

“The middle, free-time section of this song was reworked numerous times, mostly by Donovan alone, who had a vision of what he wanted from the bass, drums, and vocals.”

9. ‘Devaluation’

“In a cosmic kinda way, we aren’t shit. And the universe cares none about the issues we have individually. Put it in perspective.”

“This track holds a special place on the album for us, with its hauntingly beautiful guitar harmonies, and the way the bassline switches between feelings of comfort and eeriness.”

10. ‘Punch Drunk’

“Jim [Jones] had an uncanny way of luring others to follow him, even into the darkest of places. The power of a cult is so fascinating.”

“The bridge & solo section of this track continue to satisfy us immensely, even after a year of having this record all to ourselves. We are so excited for people to hear everything together!”

‘New Age Filth’ is out now! Listen: 

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