Belle Haven & the four songs that they wish they wrote

Belle Haven as a band blend heavy rock, searing post-hardcore, emo and pop subtlies together, and you see this on display with ‘Nobody Likes A Hospital,’ their latest number. ‘ Taken from their new EP, ‘Time Changes Nothing,’ out April 16th via Greyscale Records, the band are in full promo swing now. So when their PR came to me last week and asked for some ideas on some cool editorial content, the first random thought that floated through my lizard brain was: “Uh… how about the band tell us which songs they wish they wrote instead?” Their publicist loved it and looking at the answers that the four guys in Belle Haven hit me back with today, I think they did too. There are so e really great song choices, from bands that I also love. Take a look! 

David De La Hoz (singer)

Song: ‘Silhouettes’ by American Football

“Truthfully, ask me every six months and the song and reason why would be different every time. But this song was probably my most played during isolation last year and has solidified itself as one of the most personally impactful songs I’ve ever heard. Instrumentally, it’s a journey, rising and falling throughout. A beautifully composed instrumental that seems to guide the lyrics. Lyrics which, by the way, feel almost too personal to me; the only thing occupying the other side of my bed last year were memories. “Oh, the muscle memory continues to haunt me.” This song makes me feel like he gets it, you know? This song soundtracked a very long year for me. I wish I could write something half as powerful.”

Christopher Vernon (guitarist/producer/engineer) 

Song: ‘Transatlanticism’ by Death Cab for Cutie

“There are very few songs that are this long and have had me captivated to listen to the whole thing on the first listen. It’s such an emotive adventure and the imagery it brings to mind is super powerful.”

Daniel ‘Mara’ Marinakis (guitar-thrower)

Song: ‘Burial on the Presidio Banks’ by This Will Destroy You

“By far the most emotionally powerful songs I’ve ever heard on a record and that I’ve seen performed live. It’s quite difficult to describe, but the way the song masterfully balances the feelings of Beauty, Melancholy and Devastation, all without 1 single lyric sung captivates me every single time.”

Thomas Mitchell (bassist)

Song: ‘Supporting Caste’ by Propagandhi

“Not many songs or records which you love from the moment you hear them become more relevant and influential to you as a musician but also just as a person as time goes on. I bought this record 10 years ago and It’s more special to me today than It’s ever been. This track is one of the many favorites of mine on the record. In particular, Supporting Caste has an explosion of speed, musical precision and undeniable riffs. Still leaving a dynamically different and sombre middle section. Lyrically it dives into a combination of historical events, social/political/racial issues and the songwriter Chris Hannah’s own reflections on the world we live in and the role he plays in it. I’d recommend reading the lyrics as well as pumping the tune LOUD many times in a row.”

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