Gojira are born to die on newest single, ‘Born For One Thing’

Gojira are up to old tricks with ‘Born For One Thing.’ 

Some would say that we’re born to fuck, others that we’re all born to find a purpose, a happiness, whatever that may be. But really, we’re all just born to die. Like a song, what starts must end. What lives must die. So we must be ready to do away with possessions and materials for when we all one day shuffle off this mortal coil.

This is the philosophical premise behind Gojira’s latest song, ‘Born For One Thing.’ Taken from Gojira’s new album, ‘Fortitude,’ out April 30th (whichwill feature previous single ‘Another World‘), ‘Born For One Thing‘ is very on-brand for one of France’s biggest metal groups. Basically, if you like Gojira, then you’ll like this whale-sized newie.

Right away, the French metallers kick off with their usual over-abundance of D-standard riffs and endless guitar harmonics. Of course, saying that is like saying the sun will rise tomorrow: ya fucking expect it. Once ‘Born For One Thing‘ gets going from that riffy and harmonic filled intro, the four-piece dish out some heavy chest-beating drum patterns, lots of chromaticism and that Gojira-branded atmosphere they conjure up with their use of guitar melodies and Joe Duplantier’s pitched screams, as well as strong and discernable bass playing throughout by Jean-Michel Labadie that really glues it all together.

This all culminates in a pinch-laden harmonic final breakdown that sees Gojira chugging and grooving like the countless metalcore bands that they’ve no doubt inspired with their massive records. The band then double right down on this section for a slower, crushing second-half that’s just so obnoxious but in a decent way. It’s definitely heavier and techier than ‘Another World‘ ever was; a more typical Gojira smackdown that’s fun if just very familiar.

Watch Gojira riff themselves silly in a museum:

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