Wraith squash our ears on the punchy as fuck ‘Broodmother’

Wraith, one of Australia’s heaviest bands, leads you into a monstrous hive of wicked deathcore on ‘Broodmother.’ 

You know that overused “interesting” GIF of Megan from Drake And Josh, where she’s at her computer, sipping a drink, smiling and nodding away? That’s essentially me every time I hear a new Wraith song. Nodding my head approvingly and smiling along as the vocals of Raymond Martin and the band’s stupidly heavily instrumentals try their damned hardest to be the heaviest matters in the known fucking universe. Well, the pattern holds true with their latest monster, the eight-legged extreme freak of ‘Broodmother.’

Like every other time I cover this Australian deathcore outfit, their greatest strength is their brevity. Therein lies their impact, and that’s true of ‘Broodmother‘ in how relentlessly sharp and punchy it is, despite its brief length. For most of their songs barely make it past the two-minute mark, and they don’t need to. And the band knows this! So Wraith carefully and neatly packages in all of the sickest breakdowns, skull-caving production, nastiest screams and filthiest riffs you could want out of a band of their ilk. Yet they only hit you with the core components so as to not waste your time, unlike me with my multi-thousand-word album reviews. Deathcore is fucking exhausting, but Wraith’s music is not.

Wraith spent 2020 with their heads down, working away on new material, which is expected to see release in 2021. But in the interim, it’s bug hunting time!

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