Every Time I Die go ‘AWOL’ on hectic new single

Every Time I Die operate at fierce new level on ‘AWOL.’

The one and only ETID had another hot and heavy track under their belts to share with the world overnight, the rib-cracking ‘AWOL.’ And before you ask, there’s still no word about the name or release date of their new album just yet. (But at this rate, I need it badly!)

A new scorcher to follow up December’s dual-single ‘A Colossal Wreck‘ and ‘Desperate Pleasures‘ drop, ‘AWOL‘ barely makes it over the two-minute line yet carries twice the amount of incendiary riffs and fire-breathing vocals. It’s got this frantic At The Drive-In post-hardcore energy underneath the usual cleverly-worded, heavily dissonant ETID hood, namely in how the Keith Buckley’s rapid-shot words interject in and around the rest of this killer hardcore arrangement.

There are two ways I read ‘AWOL.’ It’s either a commentary on drug-use, about going too far with it, self-implosion, losing it, but then being able to forgive yourself for your vices and mistakes. OR it’s a metaphor for a relationship that’s running on a real high or one that is doomed to fail and cracked by lies. Who knows, maybe it’s both? You decide!

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