NICOLAS CAGE FIGHTER give us their top five Nic Cage films

In episode two of Community’s fifth season, Abed Nadir – played by Danny Pudi – delivers an insane impression of the random volumes and confusing mannerisms of Nicolas Cage, after being warned by a lecturer teaching a film class to not consume too many films starring the bizarre, highly-prolific, genre-hopping and over-acting cult actor. Of course, Abed doesn’t listen and quickly descends down the “Nic Cage; good or bad?” rabbit hole. For the man born Nicolas Kim Coppola on January 7th, 1964, is like some kind of Lovecraftian enigma; the more you try to understand him, even in actual Lovecraft-inspired films like 2019’s cosmic thriller, Color Out Of Space, the harder and faster your sanity begins to slip. 

When it comes to Ballarat metallic hardcore band, NICOLAS CAGE FIGHTER (whose name is stylised all-caps for that added Nic Cage drama), they have their own understanding of not the man himself, but the roles that he’s portrayed and the many films he’s been in. As that’s the deepest that anyone can go with such an entity. With a brand new mosh EP shortly on the horizon, and with a band name like that, I asked the long-standing local Victorian four-piece what their five favourite Cage films were and they were happy to oblige. Always be Cageing. 

Wicker Man:

“This movie is just strange. It’s so bad but that’s what makes it so entertaining. Is it meant to be funny or not? Who could forget the “not the bees” scene!?”


“This film is basically John Travolta and Nic cage doing their best impression of each other. Neither backs down on how OTT they can make it.”

Snake Eyes:

“Another absolute shocking movie but full of great one-liners. This is Nicolas Cage playing a detective working out a conspiracy. Something he does best. Still the best line in the worst/best movie that no one remembers: “There’s no we Kevin, you got snake eyes.””


“Terrible kid actors made Nic Cage look good. It had some interesting ideas, just strange enough for a Cage film. I also appreciate it because it’s one of the few movies where the world actually ends. Best part was when he tried to scare off the aliens by hitting a tree with a baseball bat: “You want some of this?!“”

Con Air:

“Ridiculously watchable action film. Was on TV the night the band was hatched. This was Nic Cage in his prime. Tough as hell with the perfect hair. Plus, it’s got Steve Buscemi and John Malkovich. A movie doesn’t get any more perfect!”

NICOLAS CAGE FIGHTER’S new EP, ‘Cast You Out’ drops this Friday, February 5th. 

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