Genghis Tron’s first new song in 13 years, ‘Dream Weapon,’ is perfectly them

Experimental noisemakers, Genghis Tron, returned with their first new song in 13 years last week, ‘Dream Weapon.’ 

Last week, when Genghis Tron released the ‘Dream Weapon‘ single, I thought to myself: “Genghis Tron? It’s been ages since I’ve heard anything from them!” Well, yes, me from a week ago, it has been a long time because this band haven’t fucking released anything in the last 12 years! Their last official release was the final fifth entry in a series of remix EP’s in 2009, and before that, their incredible face-melting 2008 record, ‘Board Up The House.’ Seriously, if you haven’t heard it, do so in one sitting and thank me for it later. Shit is nuts!

As for ‘Dream Weapon,’ it’s a cascading, psychedelic, riff-driven experimental-metal piece that’s noisy and laden with amp feedback, as it leans hard on the pillar of songwriting repetition. But not because the American band have grown lazy or are now lacking in ideas. No, it’s purposeful repeating measures to create this palpable tension and to dynamically build the track up when they stick to a certain section, allowing bigger payoffs when the song’s subtle and not-so-subtle shifts kick in. Something Genghis did extremely well back in the day, and it’s a skill that they’ve fully retained here, especially once this comeback song barrels towards its racey conclusion.

All of the programming, keys and synths of Michael Sochynsky blend over the coloured, textured riffs from Hamilton Jordan like the yesteryear sound of Genghis Tron. Both the synths and the guitars serve the same purposes, and neither side overwhelms the other. Unlike their older drum-machine era, ‘Dream Weapon‘ marks the first release of theirs with an actual human being playing the drums, Sumac and Baptists timekeeper, Nick Yacyshyn. Here, Nick channels the kinetic energy of this American experimental-metal band just as well as any machine damn well could with some frenetic fills, odd-time footwork, and robust grooves. And then there’s the new vocalist leading the charge with his sweet, melodic vocal lines, Tony Wolski, who I’m sure will bring out the searing screams that this band’s music calls for in good time. (Tony is also the mastermind behind The Armed, an equally insane, skin-peeling experimental-hardcore band who are overdue for a new LP.)

It’s a healthy and talented line-up, and if the rest of the LP is as strong as this first titular cut, then we’re maybe looking at some potential AOTY material. Truly, it’s so good to have them back, and with such a rad track nonetheless. One that is perfectly and expectedly them, and one that goes full-blown kaleidoscope in its music video.

Genghis Tron’s first LP in 13 years, ‘Dream Weapon,’ arrives March 26th. I, for one, cannot wait!

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