Paledusk are a creative metal force on ‘Wind Back’

Paledusk continues to impress with eclectic monster, ‘Wind Back.’ 

Paledusk vocalist KAITO shared that their newest track, the bonkers hybrid of ‘Wind Back,’ is a song about rolling with the punches and taking the good with the bad in life, sharing: “Time always mercilessly goes, with both good and bad things in it. The relationship with family, friendship, and the flux of time, they don’t always go well as we wish. Especially in this time and age, we need to look at those obvious things and take a look of your loved ones and keep going.” Which explains why ‘Wind Back‘ is the most head-spinning track the Japanese band have produced yet.

Wind Back‘ is a sonic hurricane – released in tandem with the shorter, more straightforward though no less punchy ‘Leave Me Out‘ – that blends a variety of metal and electronic genre ideas chaotically yet seamlessly. Paledusk has already been running at this interesting, eclectic pace for some time now, but ‘Wind Back‘ is the next step. It’s now a full-blown sprint. Seeing them rarely repeat themselves, with the track always forging into a new section, with something slick and fun always occurring on some level in this hectic Hypebeast arrangement. Grimy rap and hip-hop intervals, wobbling synthesizers, 16-bit sounds, dope riffs, hard-hitting instrumentals, loads of pitch effects, and an uplifting melodic outro with this wonderful female vocal hook that all results in ‘Wind Back‘ being a proper drip journey. There’s so much going on here, but it all has a purpose, and from the first listen I was sold.

Most people compare this lot to Crystal Lake, and I get it: the cadence of the screams, the djenty guitar riffs, and the general modern metal feel and stylistic similarities. Yet with each release, Paledusk continually steps away from their other metalcore contemporaries. The sudden silences, glitchy sounds, and erratic shifts could draw comparisons with the likes of Code Orange and Car Bomb (energy that’s well represented by the colours, visual effects and scattershot scenes in the film clip), yet Paledusk put their own stamp on it. It’s getting to the point that, at the rate of their song releases, and the quality vision and skilled writing imbued in them, we’re seeing the rise of a genuinely unique new band in heavy music. That’s not only rare, but it’s also truly exciting!

Listening to and writing about a band like Paledusk, about a song like ‘Wind Back‘, makes creating content in the Hell-pit that is Australian music media all the worthwhile.

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