Architects’ ‘Dead Butterflies’ is the best single thus far from new album

Architects reveal an ace up their sleeve from new album with a huge single in the form of ‘Dead Butterflies.’ 

I have a question for you: why is Sam Carter the only one wearing those sunnies in the above promo pic? It looks so out place, as none of the other four are rocking shades. Anyway, here’s another question for you: what’s your favourite song from this forthcoming Architects album, ‘For Those That Wish To Exist‘? Of the four tracks that they’ve shown the world thus far – first the decent ‘Animals,’ the super meh ‘Black Lungs,’ the so-so, metalcore-business-as-usual ‘Discourse Is Dead,’ and now ‘Dead Butterflies‘ – which tickles your fancy the most? Me? Why I am so glad no one asked! It’s gotta be ‘Dead Butterflies‘.

When I say that it’s the best track released from the larger ‘For Those That Wish To Exist‘ LP thus far – which is out Feb 26th – I’m not saying it’s the perfect or ultimate Architects song. Or even that it’s suddenly my favourite Architects song. But what I am saying is that it’s good. Like, really good. As there’s a lot to love about ‘Dead Butterflies‘.

From the subtle synthesisers in the intro, how the grand strings and horns overlap and push through the arrangement, that screaming modulated guitar lead at 2: 22, to how the normal metal side of Architects dynamically ebbs and flows into this new melodic soundscape they’ve created. But hang on, wasn’t there also strings aplenty on their last album, ‘Holy Hell‘? Yes, there were, but those particular string accompaniments didn’t quite fit the band’s sound or stick out that much in my mind. Here, composed by Will Harvey, it’s a whole different story! The core components of Architects‘ sound – the big riffs, Sam’s huge vocals, Dan Searle’s robust drumming, their anthemic metalcore style – all mesh with these new accompanying elements wonderfully so. (Including some nice, soft backing vocals from Josh Middleton and his work on the keys.)

Dead Butterflies‘ is a damn fine example of the new changes and slight shifts in sound they can make in their writing moving forward. Making me hopeful there are other larger, daring songs on the remaining track-listing to this upcoming record. This is a true gem. ‘Dead Butterflies‘ is big, it’s bold, it’s beautiful, it’s poetic and contrastive in its lyrical imagery of beauty and death, and it’s the best song from ‘For Those That Wish To Exist‘ so far.

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