Premiere: BOYSCLUB’s new music video for ‘Best For You’

Sydney’s BOYSCLUB show support for non-binary & genderless folk in their new DIY music video for fresh grunge single, ‘Best For You.

The latest music video from BOYSCLUB is not subtle. Though that’s the point: to not hide away under metaphor that can be misinterpreted or go completely unnoticed. The point is to keep it’s messaging clear and simple. Which is to say, when there can be so much confusion and awkwardness, as well as outside interference and criticism from other people who think they know best when it comes to the topic of someone’s gender, what the hell does one do? The answer: the best you can.

Directed and written by the Sydney grunge-rock band, the new clip for ‘Best For You‘ – shot and edited by Nick Mills – places a spotlight on the spectrum of gender; on men, women, trans and non-binary folk of any kind who have other people – whether it’s friends, lovers, parents, or even strangers on the internet – butting in and offering them shit advice and unwarranted two cents about their body and life. It’s all in the name: ‘Best For You.’ People without experience or understanding trying to do or say what they think is best for someone else’s body, adding to the hurt instead of listening and learning.

When old-heads talk about how new rock music no longer has any bite or is lacking meaning, they never bother to look or take notice of newer, younger acts discussing current issues and standing firmly behind what they write and sing about. BOYSCLUB are one such rock band. ‘Best For You‘ is this cool-as-shit grungey, fuzz-laden, riff-lined track filled with ’90s rock vibes and hooky, hazy vocals that culminate in the Aussie band standing in solidarity with people experiencing that kind of difficulty with their gender identity. It’s a representation of their anger and frustration, and the song dynamically builds in that same sense until it’s huge climax hits.

During the video, we see a snapshot of a genderless person’s daily life – acted by Kluad Billie – and the questioning battles they face: trying to work out if they should wear make-up, pee with the seat up or down, or bother to tape their chest up. All those big and small things that are apart of expressing on the outside who they are on the inside. Once the three-and-a-half-minute song ends, there’s still time on the clock for the video, seeing our protagonist setting fire to old clothes and possessions belonging to who they once were in the video’s final moments.

BOYSCLUB aren’t afraid to tackle these topics, nor to shy away from their feminist views – the cover artwork to ‘Best For You‘ is a photo of Mary Elizabeth (1836-1912) from the NSW Women’s Suffrage League, adorned with four burn marks referencing the four waves of the feminist movement. But the band aren’t here to be the authority on these matters, simply encouraging genderless people to keep going, to know that they are valid. To remember that it’s not a race; that you don’t need to have it all figured out in a single day. That you will get there in the end. It’s a loud message of support shouting: “hey, you do you. We see you. We love you.

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