Confession release first new song in six years, ‘Twenty Twenty’

Confession returned last week with the band’s first new song in six years, ‘Twenty Twenty.’

Like most notable Australian hardcore and metalcore bands – unless your Carpathian, that is – a farewell tour and a goodbye announcement is nothing but a temporary end. Confession are no different. Despite ending in 2016, a handful of reunion shows happened in late 2019, and now, written about and born out of COVID-19 lockdown writing sessions between Michael Crafter and Dan Brown (The Amity Affliction; Dan also producing and mixing), comes the band’s first song in six years, ‘Twenty Twenty.’

The intended message behind Confession’s comeback song is a wholesome one: “Because even in misery, I can see the beauty in life.” That even though 2020 has been a volcanic release of countless issues from 2019 and earlier, and will only create a complicated knock-on effect of problems moving into next year and beyond, that it’s important to have a white-knuckled hold on hope, and that while life is often hell, that we must find joy when and where we can. (And no, the clock striking midnight on 01/01/2021 won’t change anything either.) Even if Crafter kinda undermines that positive message when he immediately follows it up by screaming “everyone will fucking die“; at other points delivering lines like “no one will make it out alive” and “only the strong will survive.” Thanks for the pick-me-up, mate!

As for the song itself, and as should’ve been expected, it’s the same variety of mosh-heavy, breakdown-laden melodic metalcore style Confession displayed six years ago with ‘Life And Death‘, and in parts of 2011’s ‘The Long Way Home.’ It’s the kind of Bury Your Dead worship sound that old-heads in the scene will know and remember. Just with an added spoken-word bridge section from the frontman’s daughter, Kennedy Crafter, as well as programming and orchestration from the one and only Randy Slaugh.

For the fans who’ve waited years to get some new songs out of Crafter, I’m happy that you’re happy with new material. But I feel nothing one way or another about ‘Twenty Twenty‘ whenever I listen to it – not my cup of tea at all. Check it out for yourself below:

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