Deftones achieve balance with their new single, ‘Genesis’

Deftones gift fans with ‘Genesis,’ the second single from their upcoming album, ‘Ohms.’

Following the riff-packed, dystopian-themed titular lead single for their new LP, ‘Ohms,’ Deftones have another card up their sleeve to play us with one week out from the LP’s release on September 25th. And there’s no other way for me to spin it other than to say: “yeah, this is fuckin’ good!

Whereas the titular single was the closing song of the new album, ‘Genesis‘ is the opening movement for the band’s ninth record. It starts life out in larva form as floating synth-pad and murky, detuned guitar arpeggios that feels like something off ‘White Pony‘ (2000). All before a two stick count in from drummer Abe Cunningham sees the song evolve, spreading it’s lengthy wingspan and suddenly becoming a stomping, behemoth rock track. One in which Chino Moreno hits us with those piercing, mid-range-honed distorted screams, as well as his intimate, soothing singing voice that makes everyone swoon. (It’s always a joy to hear him scream like the old days.)

Now, this isn’t exclusively a “soft” or a “heavy” Deftones track; both are true at the same time here. It meshes their alt-metal side and their ethereal shades, merging melody, riffs, punch, moodiness and heaviness all at once. Which is fitting given that the songs refrain sees Chino echoing: “I’ve finally achieved balance, balance.” For ‘Genesis‘ is perfectly balanced between their opposing musical DNA, sounding like it could’ve come out twenty years ago, just without any sense of forced, cheap nostalgia. It’s honestly like a quick summary of everything the band is so well-known and praised for.

Genesis‘ also does feel like it could have been pulled off of their stellar 2003 self-titled album, and that’s no bad thing. A comparison that’s apt, but also not in the least bit surprising given who also produced this upcoming record – Terry Date. The music video for ‘Genesis‘ is dropping later today at 2pm AEST, but you can stream it below if you live in the cooler, better time zones. (Or have a VPN.)

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