Paledusk ink deal with Greyscale Records, making for the labels first international signing

Greyscale welcomes their first international act, Paledusk, one of the most eclectic bands in Japanese heavy music right now.

It was just a matter of time until Greyscale Records branched out of their Australian grassroots lens and snapped up an international band. That time is now with the Aussie label signing up Japanese heavy outfit, Paledusk. (It’s hilarious to think that some people thought Greyscale were going to sign Within Destruction because of this post. C’mon, the label has some sense of taste!) I’ve covered the intricate, diverse sounds of Paledusk before now – ‘9 Smiles‘ and ‘AO‘ – and it’s always a pleasure to engage with this band’s quirky brand of vibrant prog, djenty metalcore, glitchy industrial, glitzy EDM, and whatever other bizarre ideas this five-piece wish to litter their short but slick songs with.

Comparisons to that of their fellow Japanese peers Crystal Lake, as well as their new label mates in Alpha Wolf (both of whom Paledusk have supported) will be common but also apt. As to will be a likeness towards that of Crossfaith, but as a personal preference, Paledusk create more livid, dynamic music than Crossfaith do, and they don’t waste any of your time in doing so. Keeping everything neat and tidy, with songwriting that champions erratic genre shifts and varied passages but in a compelling way. (You are legally required to move when the tom and double-kick drum fill section starts at 1:40, as well as during that 2010 sounding melodic hardcore outro.)

Paledusk vocalist, Kaito, kept it short, simple, and sweet when talking about their signing, enthusiastically sharing that:

“Hi, there!! This is Kaito from Paledusk!! We’re so happy to be a part of Greyscale Records family!! And we’re so excited to make new history of us with you guys!! See you all soon!! Arigato!!”

Watch the new video for ‘Happy Talk‘ – originally taken from their EP of the same name released back in April, 2020 – below, what with all of it’s goofy visuals, boomerang edits, and what I can only describe as “Paledusk shenanigans.”

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