Resist your masters with Bring Me The Horizon & YUNGBLUD’s new collab, ‘Obey’

Another Bring Me The Horizon song, another dosage of the tired diatribe that surrounds this band whenever they do, well, anything. Which looks something like this: people who like said song mock those that don’t and who wanted something remiss of their older works, with that first group of people acting like BMTH are the only band ever to reinvent themselves, with a small but vocal minority of listeners shitting the bed because this new release isn’t exactly like their older music. And I’m so fatigued of it all. (Though, if any new BMTH song could sway that latter group, it’s probably ‘Obey.’)

Look, you’ve got ears and have likely heard ‘Obey‘ already. Y’all know what it sounds like: their usual sense of groove and lower-octave riffage, another well-known guest feature collaboration in the form of YUNGBLUD (Dominic Harrison), Mick Gordon-reminiscent electronics and synths, layered vocals, aggressive screaming, and a filthier metalcore breakdown. Cool. Besides, like most Bring Me The Horizon songs these days, it receives massive attention and discussion because of who the band is, rather than for what the song in-question is actually like and what it does.

Anywho, ‘Obey,’ as you can gather from the title, is about our servitude under the powers that be, about the dehumanization tactics that those in control use upon the populace, and the threat of state-sanctioned force they wield in order to make sure people “don’t wake up and smell the corruption.” Hold up, did you GET what the auteurs in BMTH were saying when Oli and YUNGBLUD’s robots hug and kissed in the video, that we should all love each other and celebrate our differences? Did you even KNOW that world leaders can be corrupt? Are you even AWARE of the meaning of the clip’s two robots being controlled like puppets? DID YOU FUCKING GET IT when the two vocalists sang “it’s nicer when you can’t see the chains” in the songs outro? Okay, that’s enough now, sorry.

See, it’s an extremely in-vogue commentary about authority, desensitisation, freedoms, manipulation, and resistance, something that thinks its a lot clever than what it actually is. (Kinda like me.) I agree with the theme of ‘Obey‘ – to resist, to be different – but it’s just so simplistic and generalised that it’s hard to feel inspired or invested in it’s message. Especially not when there’s real-world, tangible events and things happening right now to do just that. ‘Obey‘ has all the subtly of a sledgehammer, or in keeping with this video, like a giant robot dancing in the CBD.

However, no matter which way you spin it, the Power Rangers-esque music video carries quite the cool aesthetic! Watch it below:

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