ERRA make their UNFD debut with new single ‘Snowblood’

A new single and a new label home for ERRA. 

Marking another international signing for UNFD, ERRA released their debut tune on the Australian record label, ‘Snowblood,’ last week, following on from their 2019 single, ‘Eye Of God.’ With one safely assuming that a new LP from the band could arrive later in 2020 or early 2021.

Admittedly, I’m not much of an ERRA follower, but it’s clear that ‘Snowblood‘ is pretty standard-issue, in keeping with what they did on ‘Drift‘ (2016) and ‘Neon‘ (2018). After it was pointed out to me, looking back at some of their other past songs, ‘Snowblood‘ is also a real rehash. For one, the murky synth that starts things off is a higher-pitched off-shoot of the intro from ‘Trilogy‘ by Silent Planet – a song I like a hell of a lot more, from a band who are also, funnily enough, an American UNFD-signed band within the same music scene. The first verse’s riff sounds like it’s been pulled from any number of other ERRA songs (or any number of other modern metalcore acts, let’s be real), the chorus is remiss of the singing refrains from ‘Monolith‘, and the breakdown passage that begins at 1:14 is not unlike the breakdown heard right before the two-minute mark in ‘Irreversible.’

As I said, it’s a right rehash. To the point where I am not even interested in the song’s theme of someone going in circles, feeling ever lost and angry in their own waking nightmare. Something doesn’t have to be unique in order to be good – the latest Dying Wish track is a good example of this – but this is some extremely tame prog-metalcore. Other than some cool instrumental triplets in the song’s bridge, a few sweet guitar harmonics and that neat guitar solo, I’m completely unfazed by this new track from this Alabama metal crew.

Though, ‘Snowblood‘ does feel like a “for the fans” release. So if you love ERRA, then you’ll probably love this newie like there’s no tomorrow! Suss out ERRA’s latest single below:

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