Gojira release animated sci-fi video for stand-alone single, ‘Another World’

Let Gojira take you away with ‘Another World.’

Their first new song since 2016’s acclaimed ‘Magma‘ LP, Gojira quench thirsts with the stand-alone quarantine single, ‘Another World.’ ‘Another World‘ definitely isn’t the heaviest, angriest, fastest, or gnarliest Gojira song around, but it is a solid one! stomping along at a sturdy pace with huge chunky guitars, melodic instrumental and vocal hooks, simple but seriously fitting drumming, and a massive chorus to boot. Tonally, the song carries this desperate, defeated sense of hope and escape. It isn’t supposed to be a quick, pick-scraping riff-fest of aggression echoing sentiments of “fuck this, fuck that.” In that sense, Gojira nailed it, placating hungry fans in the process.

The beautifully animated 3D film clip, directed by Maxime Tiberghien and Sylvain Favre, is a French and Gojira spin-off of Planet Of The Apes (1968). As the quartet are shown as scientists and engineers, building a space-ship to take them off a virus-ravaged world (damn, too soon?), only to go through a wormhole and return back to Earth thousands or millions of years later, swapping the Statue Of Liberty out for the Eiffel Tower in their homage to that “You maniacs! You blew it up!” scene.

Both the aural and visual aspects of ‘Another World‘ coalesce together so well. So go peep it below:

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