Full Of Hell and Health work together for the fittingly titled collab song, ‘Full Of Health’

Come on & feel the noise with this wicked collaboration between Health & Full Of Hell.

Two worlds collide. Full Of Hell, one of the most experimental and gnarly death metal/grindcore acts around, have teamed up with Health, one of the best electronic/noise-rock acts around, to create the logically titled ‘Full Of Health‘ single. Of late, Health have collaborated with multiple other artists – from Ghostemane, JPEGMAFIA, Youth Code, Perturbator, among others – but this metal-centric, lurching and noisy meeting of minds (one that’s awash with mean riffs, a collage of screams, harsh synths, eerie singing, tough-sounding drums) between the two bands is one of their better collabs to date. It’s a very well balanced point between the pairs respective sounds, feeling truly collaborative.

However, ‘Full Of Health‘ is brutally short. A little too short, maybe. To the point that it makes me yearn for a full-length album or even just an EP of the two groups working together, something more like Full Of Hell’s team-ups with the sludgy experimental-noise duo, The Body. I’d just kill to hear a hazy, electronic-dipped, balls-to-the-walls Full Of Hell record but in the style of Health with Jake Duzsik’s ghostly clean vocals appearing every now and then. Oh well, a guy can dream. For now, this will most certainly do.

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