‘No Sugar’: Sydney’s DVSR reveal third single from their new record

Break the door down with this new DVSR tune, ‘No Sugar.’

With just over two-minutes on the clock, snappy electronic drums, bouncy metal drum work, scratchy riffs and dissonant leads, and Matthew Youkhana’s syncopated rapid-fire vocal flow, ‘No Sugar‘ is a very short but quite sweet blast of rap-metal. One that’ll snap your neck straight in two if you’re not careful when those grooves really kick in.

In their best songs, DVSR excel at honing in on a particular simple riff or idea, and then follow them to their end-degree come the end of the track. The previous two singles from their upcoming second album, ‘Off Tap‘ and ‘Bloodlust‘, were great examples of this kind of songwriting and its clearly evident here with ‘No Sugar‘ too. A factor that I believe has always elevated this band above the other rap-metal and nu-metal pack.

Originally called ‘21 Technique,’ DVSR’s next record has now been renamed to ‘West Technique‘ (as the band hails from Western Sydney) and it will arrive on Friday, August 7th. So we’re getting new Misery Signals, new Good Tiger, and new DVSR albums all on the same day? Fucking A!

That’s it from me for this new DVSR bad boy. Go pour some tech-metal rap sugar into your coffee below:

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