Every Time I Die share small glimpse into an awesome unreleased new song

With a mere 45 second snippet, Every Time I Die have made us VERY excited for their ninth album.

November 2019 and April 2020 have two wonderful things in common: brief snippets of new Every Time I Die songs. Now we can throw in June 2020 as well, what with the band’s recent sharing of 45 juicy seconds from another unreleased song.

The riffy, galloping Southern hardcore punk that you just love to hear this band sink their collective teeth into isn’t going anywhere in this small glimpse (found below) into the ninth LP from Every Time I Die. When that dope groove kicks in as Keith Buckley screams “who’s fucking side are you on!?“, it’s hard not to get even just a little excited at anarchistic, furious-sounding, and relevant-themed new material from the well-loved hardcore band.

Clever lyrics from this yet to-be-announced ETID track include “the karma wheel is flat. Even the Ten Commandments cracked. There’s no law when the outlaw wears a badge” – which are all eerily timely. Given how much vocal support Keith and the band have shown the Black Lives Matter movements and protests these last couple weeks online, sentiments like this aren’t surprising to hear and we back it.

Titled ‘Planet Shit, you can hear the full song live from earlier in 2020 here. It’s been four years since Every Time I Die released the universally-lauded ‘Low Teens‘ (2016), but with this new vertical slice of fresh upcoming material, safely expect news of their next record to officially arrive later this year. Adding to this, earlier in the year, Keith revealed that he’d recorded all of his vocals for 16 new songs, calling them the best “the band has ever written.”

And that’s the excited shinfo. Check it:


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