Alpha Wolf’s new album is called ‘a quiet place to die’, ‘Akudama’ single drops


In Japanese kanji, “Akudama” refers to someone who is a villainous person, someone who is a bad character. Which is what and who the core sentiments of ‘Akudama‘ are about, spat forth from Alpha Wolf’s venomous trap with today’s official release of this new single. Debuted live on their national February 2020 run under Polaris earlier this year, ‘Akudama‘ is almost like the logical next step from previous songs like ‘Black Mamba‘ or ‘The Lonely Bones‘; a continuation of that sharp, bassy, dissonant and angry nu-metalcore sound that Alpha Wolf competently wield.

All up, ‘Akudama‘ is a pretty cool new track for the rising Aussie heavy group. It sees Alpha Wolf calling out others for their transgressions and bullshit, but also admitting that the band aren’t perfect either; “Hold your grudge, never a candle. Can’t throw shade when you live in my shadow. Who the fuck do you think you are?” hits hard first, which is later followed up by “Another coarse reminder, that if I’m going nowhere, I will see you there” over one tough-ass breakdown.

As vocalist Lochie Keogh calls it, this song was the chance for the frontman to express his shock to the system once thrust into the spotlight of an upcoming band and the negative aspects of the music scene that came with that experience:  

“While there’s no singular antagonist in this song, it is a very targeted response. It’s a pissed off anthem for me to point the middle finger directly at those who don’t make people feel welcome in the scene. We’ve seen time and time again musicians taking support slots for bands they do nothing but drag through the dirt behind their backs; acting like they’re too cool to be part of this scene. If the only way you can feel good about yourself is to try to bring other musicians down to your level, this song is for you.”

Supported by the City of Melbourne’s COVID-19 Arts Grants – an almost $2.5 million initiative by the city to help local artists amidst one of the most difficult, unprecedented times in memory – the visuals for ‘Akudama‘ are very on-brand for that of Alpha Wolf’s aesthetic. With it being a memey, anime-like video from the ever-talented Third Eye Visuals that’s all kinds of hyper-stylish, seemingly inspired by the video work of Japanese director and Visions Of Fatima’s Takasuke Kato, who has also brought Paledusk’s music to awesome, digitised life.

As was more or less recently revealed by our mates over at Wall Of Sound, Alpha Wolf’s second album is called ‘a quiet place to die‘ (*insert unoriginal John Krasinski joke here*), and it’s out September 25th via Greyscale and SharpTone Records. Get your ‘Akudama‘ on below:

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