A War Within cover ‘Fruit Salad’ by The Wiggles because 2020 needed to be worse

If there was any literal, tangible proof that isolation and self-quarantine could lead to one’s full-blown insanity, look no further than A War Within’s post-hardcore cover of The Wiggles banger, ‘Fruit Salad,’ with a guest guitar solo from Paul Raymond of the collaborative studio-based covers project, Worst In Me. For only someone who had been cooped up at their home for months at a time would think that doing a heavy interpretation of ‘Fruit Salad‘ would even remotely be a good idea. I don’t quite recall how I stumbled upon this cover online last week, but I’ve never wished for a time machine more.

Let me put it this way: the masochist within me thinks this cover is silly and hilarious. The rational being within me thinks that it’s goddamn awful. (Truly the duality of man.) Whether it’s the screamed and palm-muted heavier sections or the happily sung choruses and power chords over programmed drum sounds, A War Within’s take on a 1994 classic children’s food song that’s still better than anything KIDZ BOP have released is definitely something. This rendition is definitely music, and that’s the best thing I can say about the whole piece.

At the very least, the band seemed to have had some real fun with making \the video and their singer can hit the high notes. So there’s that!

Anyway, I’ve seen and heard this goofy shit, and now you all must too. Enjoy:

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  1. EngineNo9 EngineNo9

    Jesus Alex, this must’ve hurt to write this up let alone put your ears through the suffering of listening to this

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