You should really listen to this new Thirty Nights Of Violence track

I’m not writing this because Nashville’s Thirty Nights Of Violence are a unique, revolutionary band within this now very popular style of metallic hardcore and this current resurgent wave of mid-2000’s metalcore. No, I’m putting this out there because a) they’re a relatively small band from America who are really good at what they’re doing, and b) their music has improved greatly from the last time we heard music from them. Their name is also hilariously hectic; bonus points for it being a Deftones reference too.

Truth be told, I was sent this band’s last EP early, ‘To Die In Your Portrait,’ way back 2018 by their PR, and just simply did not care for it. I still don’t, honestly. I could find that style of hardcore/metalcore from older or newer artists who pull it off much better. But skip-forward two years up till now in 2020 with their upcoming second EP, ‘You’ll See Me Up There,’ and awesome new single ‘Marbled Regression,’ and everything has been significantly tightened up. (The lesson there is to always try to keep some tabs on bands you don’t like or aren’t all that into. As you never what they may surprise you with one day.) On this new track, it’s all better written and hits a lot harder, the production is smoother without losing any of the heaviness or rawness, the songwriting and pacing is also far more streamlined, their sense of dynamics, melody, and emotion has all vastly improved, and the four-way vocal styles means that there’s so much more going on. It’s a fucking cool song, what can I say!

Don’t judge that above promo photo: while Thirty Nights Of Violence may look like each of the five members is coming from a different band in a completely different genre, they know what they’re doing. The hardcore moments are ferocious, boomy and distorted, bearing the group’s razor-sharp fangs. But as the tracks bright, well-voiced metal leads and that expressive legato guitar solo in the song’s instrumental section after the two-minute mark so confidently display, there is heaps more going on with this band now. They’re growing up really nicely. It’s clear that they’ve put a lot of meticulous thought into ‘Marbled Regression‘, a song about trying to find meaning and positivity during painful and traumatic personal times; only finding peace when sleep comes.

Not only that, amongst their line-up is drummer/co-vocalist Ethan Young, who earlier this year was revealed as the new session and live drummer for Code Orange, so that their frontman Jami Morgan can be screaming out the front like the towering, intimidating motherfucker that he is. Watching their Twitch stream for the launch of ‘Underneath,’ Ethan fits that role very well, nailing the drums for that band’s industrial-metalcore compositions. Here, on ‘Marbled Regression,’ he just sends it from behind the drums, propelling the song forward expertly.

New EP ‘You’ll See Me Up There‘ drops June 26th via Unbeaten Records. Watch ‘Marbled Regression‘ below and just try to tell me that dancer Wyatt Day doesn’t look like Joe Keery from Stranger Things:

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