END grind away hard and fast on ‘Fear For Me Now’

END’s debut LP is shaping up to be one of 2020’s finest metalcore/hardcore releases with its third single, ‘Fear For Me Now.’ 

Everyone may have their eyes and ears set towards that of The Ghost Inside on June 5th as their long-awaited self-titled record drops, but let’s not forget about END. For on the same day, END will uncage their new beast of a debut LP, ‘Splinters From An Ever-Changing Face,’ and so far, it’s shaping up to be one of 2020’s greatest hardcore/metalcore records.

END are one of the few bands out there in this scene that make this kind of dark metalcore and savage metallic hardcore feel so relevant and fresh again. These five guys just know what makes songs such as this tick; they know exactly how to write and arrange tracks like ‘Fear For Me Now‘ in order to make them sound like utter monsters when they’re tearing through your fucking speakers.

Truly, the punishing, skin-peeling two-minutes of ‘Fear For Me Now‘ is a grinding swing of the executioner’s axe straight down through the back of your exposed neck. What with furious blast beats, ferociously noisy riffs, crunchy-ass final breakdowns that evoke endless spin kicks, and throat-shredding screams that are as raw as the surrounding instrumentals that envelope them. After ‘Pariah‘ and ‘Covet Not,’ and now that of the killer ‘Fear For Me Now,’ END are pretty much three-for-three with these singles so far. Begging the question: just how goddamn hard and heavy is the rest of this new record going to be?

Bring on June 5th and new END:

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