Premiere: Lune reveal ‘Ghost’ EP, unleash ‘Mirror Image’ single

Two big new announcements from Melbourne’s Lune today: a brand new song, ‘Mirror Image,’ & the reveal of their debut EP, ‘Ghost.’

When Bring Me The Horizon toured Australia in 2019, I actually ran into Lune’s Nathaniel and Krys Smith (I, Valiance), the vocalist and guitarist brother duo from the fresh-faced Melbourne act, who told me that they were working on a new band together; a band that we now as Lune. Rounded out by bassist Tyler Hendley, fellow I, Valiance guitarist David Freeland, and former Blind Oracle drummer, Harrison Mills, Lune may have launched in November 2019 with ‘Ghost,’ but now it’s time for their next big step: their first EP.

Set for a June 12th release, the foundation has been well-paved for that of ‘Ghost,’ what with the aforementioned title song and the dark and punishing second single, ‘Manipulator,’ which we premiered back in December because it was fucking dope, to put it simply. Cruising through an intersection of visceral metalcore and polished deathcore traits, Lune’s sound is stupidly heavy and confronting, yet also layered and melodic, never losing its personal sentiments. That’s been their MO since the release of ‘Ghost‘ last year, and that perspective and approach doesn’t look to change now leading into the remaining songs from this forthcoming EP; the introspective thoughts and molten-hot metalcore fire of ‘Mirror Image‘ also included.

With intertwining atmospherics and intimidating walls of down-tuned guitars containing powerfully clean sung choruses and hard-hitting metal grooves, ‘Mirror Image‘ is exactly that savage modus operandi I mentioned before about Lune’s sound; equal parts energetic, melodic, crushing, emotive, and pensive. Produced by local mastermind, Jamie Marinos, it is precisely songs like this that make it clear why so many people across the Australian heavy music industry – from listeners to music media alike – have taken to such a new band in their barely seven months of (officially revealed) existence thus far. Lune, as a collective, might be very young, but their members shared musical experiences and knowledge makes them one of the tightest and leanest new metalcore acts in the country right now.

As ‘Mirror Image‘ is the closing song from this upcoming EP, the dots of its larger themes of growing from pain and understanding your identity from failures and through life’s tribulations are all connected with the returning phrase of “Remember my name“, a line first heard in the titular ‘Ghost‘ track but is now placed under a different connotation. With ‘Mirror Image‘ asking the listener “what do you see?” when you self-reflect, as the song ruminates that “I see a mirror image, I see a ghost.”

Vocalist Nathaniel Smith said of this wicked new single that:

As the same suggests, the song’s message is one of self-reflection and self-realization. “I am the cure, I am the Curse” – this opening statement best summarises this arc, which touches on the array of inner turmoils we all experience in our lives. The takeaway message from this song is one of hope and positivity, that we can look within ourselves not to tear us down, but to change and grow for the better.

“What was at first describing the fear of loss of one’s identity, now represents an affirmation of resilience, a silver lining and a sense of identity,” Smith also informs us about the message behind ‘Mirror Image.’

Let your reflection stare back at you with the newest from Lune:

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