Veil Of Maya go big on new single, ‘Outsider’

New Veil Of Maya album in 2020? With new material like this, we can only hope.

In September 2019, Veil Of Maya unleashed ‘Members Only.’ Whilst perhaps a little simpler and more melodic for the U.S. four-piece, it’s bold fusion of Veil Of Maya’s technical trademarks with glitchy pop production, more synths, and even a goddamn keytar solo made it one of the most surprising and interesting VOM tracks in years. Even with its insane high-end-focused mix, the way I feel about that previous single is how I first felt about ‘Mikasa‘ way back in 2015: pure blinding love for what was and is a modern prog-metalcore marvel.

While I’d still sooner jam ‘Members Only‘ than that of ‘Outsider,’ this brutal new Veil single is a grower, not a shower, featuring a little bit of everything that they’re well known for: big melodic elements, strong deathcore and metalcore heaviness, all with solid tech-metal ideas. Though it’s maybe a more straightforward and expected single for the band’s tight sound, but ‘Outsider‘ is the band doing what they do best. And there’s a lot to like about it. For me, I love how just when you first think the song is winding down at 3:27 with a haunting passage of synths and keys, it suddenly roars back into life with a “post-credits scene” as ‘Outsider‘ returns to its pounding, hemorrhaging intro with a synchronized riff and ride-cymbal punch.

Of course, saying that Veil Of Maya display sheer musical chops is a bloody given. Whether it’s the vicious pinch and natural harmonics in the verses, that twisting dissonant part that kicks off at 1:27, or that sweet double-picking riff at 045, guitarist Marc Okubo is as on-point as ever with his busy fretwork. As for frontman Lukas Magyar, from the great catchy melodies that he belts out in the choruses, to the song’s closing 12-second held scream that is so raw and real, this song should hopefully, finally, put to rest any BS about his talents and strengths as a vocalist within Veil and the metal sub-genres they reside within.

So have no fear, pick a side, and jump in head-first.

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