Nova Charisma unveil wondrous new EP, ‘Exposition III’

‘Exposition III’ is yet another lovely release from Nova Charisma. 

Launching back in 2019, the masterful duo of Sergio Medina and Donovan Melero put out two wonderful EPs last year under the Nova Charisma moniker, totaling seven killer compositions all up, with two big highlights being ‘Lies Animals Tell‘ and ‘Sonya.’ Today, their third progressive post-hardcore “exposition” arrives, with just as much heart and soul as one would expect from the progressive post-hardcore pair.

With gliding guitars and glittering synths leading the way, but with just as many well-thought-out riffs and melodies, these three new songs see Nova Charisma existing at a dreamier and more dynamic level. Along with even more introspective lyrics telling personal stories of pain, self-harm, mental health, and growth, it also hasn’t lost any of its honest charms or heartfelt impact. Produced by Kris Crummett, this third EP is a wondrous soundscape of various tones and emotive themes.

Colourful opener ‘The Greater Cause‘ is the EP’s core belter, the most straight-forward sound for Nova Charisma of the three; a real sky-reaching rocker about showing empathy for those internally suffering and dealing with suicide ideation, all with exceptionally well-voiced chords and giant hooks. ‘Hurt The Worst‘ is a tonally beautiful reverie, with higher-register vocals from Donovan and deeper pop vibes making for a really breezy, relaxing piece of music. The third and final cut, ‘Float Up. Stay There‘ is a little more experimental, drifting through varying pounding sections and is easily the most sublime choice of the band’s newest trio, but with plenty of riffy and rhythmic urgency in the bag too. Basically, it’s all dope, and you shouldn’t sleep on it.

Exposition III‘ is out now on Equal Vision Records. Expect even more from Nova Charisma in 2020. Dive into it all below:

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