END kick all kinds of ass on heated new single, ‘Covet Not’

Covet not the sickest riffs & breakdowns on END’s newest belter. 

The music video for the bludgeoning ‘Covet Not‘ looks like one of those older, DIY ’90s underground hardcore clips where there’s piss-poor lighting, blurry fields of view, obscured faces, black and white edits, and plenty of frantic camera moves. Funnily enough, that’s also how END’s latest single sounds and feels like: a visceral, abrasive metallic hardcore assault on the mind packaged into a nutty three minutes.

Pretty much, this shit sounds like the end of the world! ‘Covet Not‘ sounds like hell itself is coming up from underneath your feet with surgical drumming and torpedoing double kicks, a chaotic flurry of feedbacking and chugging guitars, and raw, bloodthirsty screams that shift from savage highs and brooding mids. Adding in the group’s doomier and blackened influences to this chaotic piece, it shoots past discordant section after discordant section, until a crushing groove outro part drops the guillotine down upon you. Just like ‘Pariah‘ before it, every member of this band sends it so hard. Maybe too hard, if that’s even possible.

With every new brutal glimpse of their debut record, ‘Splinters From An Ever-Changing Face‘ (out this June), END continues to be leading the charge for not only killer heavy music this year, but for awesome metalcore revival in 2020 too.

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