DVSR team up with Thy Art Is Murder’s CJ McMahon for ‘Bloodlust’

‘Bloodlust’ continues DVSR’s firey trend of bangers.  

On ‘Bloodlust,’ DVSR sounds just like that. Like they’re out for fucking blood with chunky and looping dissonant guitar riffs, propulsive drumming, head-rattling grooves, and a wickedly good vocal back-and-forth from frontman Matthew Youkhana  and Thy Art Is Murder’s CJ McMahon in the song’s second half. This thing just goes and goes!

Bloodlust‘ sees these four Western Sydney lads more super-charged than ever before, and the tone and sheer power behind their new music reflect that drive. The sinister spoken lines of “I can’t get no satisfaction, I’ve got a bloodlust, baby” could very well be a Rolling Stones reference, just placed under the guise of one of DVSR’s gnarliest and heaviest tracks. In many ways, this is classic DVSR but with a burning fire lit under their asses, and CJ’s roaring guest parts bring so much punch. His appearance does exactly what a good feature should do for any piece of music: adding to and improving it.

DVSR’s new album ‘West Technique‘ is out later this year and after ‘Off Tap‘ and now ‘Bloodlust,’ it’s very well looking to be the finest rap-metal record of 2020! Satiate your bloodlust:

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