Lochlan Watt (Triple J) & Mike Deslandes (High Tension/YLVA) launch new band, R U N

A new heavy music collective awakens with R U N.

This week, despite there already being a Melbourne hardcore band with the same moniker, two well-known names in Australian heavy music landscape revealed their new joint project: R U N. The host of Triple J’s The Racket, Lochlan Watt, who originally formed the band solo, in cahoots with High Tension and YLVA guitarist, Mike Deslandes (who’s also produced and engineered some awesome Australian releases, like Pagan’sBlack Wash‘) make up this new band, whose crossover sound sits between that of black metal and metalcore. Like ‘Sunbather‘ and ‘Controller‘ suddenly got spliced together, once again confirming my theory that black metal is fucking sick and can be merged with almost any other sub-genre of heavy music.

On their first-ever release, ‘For You,’ we get the post-black-metal style of earlier Deafheaven releases joined at the hip with the metalcore tendencies of Misery Signals, a decent concoction both on paper and in practice. The arrangement of this debut R U N song is brilliant, grappling with explosive blast beats from session drummer Joel Taylor, equally distorted and melodic guitars swelling together, and that hulking, bellowing late 2000’s metalcore flow and tone, all strongly mixed and mastered by the man himself, Will Putney. Having fronted Nuclear Summer, Colossvs, and having filled in live for Thy Art Is Murder and Psycroptic in the past, we all know that Lochlan is a solid vocalist, which remains true here. Though his performance on ‘For You,’ whilst full of real sorrow and strong projection, is a little one-dimensional in the lows and mids when the vocals are compared with the dynamic nature of the killer instrumentals that accompany them.

In a recent interview with Blunt Magazine about the group’s origins, the Triple J host and vocalist stated that “With the cancer, and the brain surgery, and everything that I went through, it’s kind of been strangely serendipitous,” highlighting how the bittersweet lyricism seems far more important now after the fact than when they were first written. It’s clear that this band has come to mean so much more to its core duo now than when it was first conceived.

Expect to hear plenty more from R U N in 2020. Listen to ‘For You‘:

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