In Hearts Wake take you into their latest video with The House Of Kali interactive website

Via a new interactive website released today, In Hearts Wake take you deep into the four walls of the house shown in their recent music video for ‘Worldwide Suicide.’ In Hinduism, ‘Kali Yuga’ is the last of four stages that the world goes through as part of what’s described in Sanskrit scriptures as the ‘cycle of yugas’, with the “Kali” meaning “strife” and “discord.” Something that’s perfectly applicable to the world right now amidst an unprecedented pandemic. In this sense, that flawed abode seen in the video has been dubbed “The House Of Kali” by the Aussie metalcore band, taking us inside its shaky structure.

By clicking on different rooms, the site allows you to navigate through the video’s set and stills from the clip, with clickable pop-ups highlighting a variety of issues facing Australia and the world; climate change, gun violence, over-exposure to devices, mental health, alcoholism, ecocides, deceptive news headlines, media bias, and how all of these things affect us everyday citizens and the massive impact they have upon our global economy. Some items will take you over to the band’s unlisted ‘ACTION‘ video, sharing stories from around the world about governments and people taking action to make positive changes. Likewise, their ‘INACTION‘ video deals with Australia’s most recent and undeniably tragic bushfire season, as well as the ever-mounting billion of pieces of plastic in our oceans.

Elsewhere, in the Activity Room, clicking on the megaphone brings you to a countdown, ending on April 20th, with the option to put in your email for more updates. Going into the Kids Room and heading to the TV plays ‘Crisis‘ from the ‘Worldwide Suicide‘ clip with some new visuals; the pile of bottles in the bathroom link you to the 7″ of ‘Worldwide Suicide.’ One clickable item – not saying which, find it on your own – that give a short loop of what will no doubt riffs taken from the next single or a new song off the next IHW record, as well as a PhaseOne remix of their single hidden away on the site.

There really is a lot to unpack with this site, a great new means of stretching out the content of their recent single, turning it into an interesting project that’s consistent with the issues the group raise.

Enter The House Of Kali here.

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