The Gloom In The Corner sign with Collision Course, drop brutal new song ‘Violence’

The Gloom In The Corner take 2020 by the balls with ‘Violence.’ 

Australian music PR group, Collision Course, are now stepping into the record label realm, and their first band signing is The Gloom In The Corner. Like most label signing announcements, this news also comes packed in with a brand new release: the first of three new stand-alone singles that Gloom In The Corner plan to drop in 2020, ‘Violence.’ And I have no idea who the hell gave the Australian group the permission to go this fucking hard!

TGITC have always had a dark, violent nu-metalcore sound, but that’s been taken to its most extreme degree yet in terms of what this budding Melbourne heavy outfit has been doing over the last few years. Clearly taken inspiration and influence from artists like Loathe and what composer Mick Gordon does with the recent DOOM soundtracks, produced and engineered by Jamie Marinos, ‘Violence‘ is Gloom’s heaviest song yet. Even with a brief melodic respite of clean vocals and swelling instrumentation, this track is an absolute neck snapper throughout, with an awesome glitchy, hellish industrial-metal intro complete with off-kilter riffs that wastes no time with its musical blood-letting.

Bringing back their recurring “God Abandon Me” lyrical motif, the Melbourne four-piece flesh out the story of the “Gloom’s” in their larger conceptual narrative with ‘Violence‘. After 2016’s ‘Fear Me‘ debut LP followed protagonist Jay Hardy, and 2019’s ‘Flesh & Bones‘ EP more or less wrapped his arc and connection with antagonist Sherlock Bones up, the band’s story now barrels onward in its carnage as we learn that Jay is most certainly not the only Gloom we’ll learn about moving forward with their art.

Find out the definition of violence with Cian Marangos’ visualizer of this new Gloom song below:

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