Madina Lake release first song in nine years, ‘Playing With Fire’

It’s been a long while, Madina Lake. 

Madina Lake were one of those trendy, angsty alternative-rock bands on Roadrunner back in the late 2000s, playing loud and emotive rock music this side of My Chemical Romance, Kill Hannah, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and Funeral For A Friend. Cultivating a large name at the time off of songs like ‘Here I Stand,’ ‘House Of Cards‘ and ‘One Last Kiss‘ from their actually decent debut album, ‘Through Them, From Us, To You‘ (2007), Madina Lake are a band I haven’t thought about in god knows how long.

After disbanding in 2013, before reuniting in 2017 for the ten-year anniversary of that aforementioned first LP, their reunion and moving forward now takes full shape with ‘Playing With Fire.’ Their first song in nine years is very much where Madina Lake left off in 2011 with the more mature ‘World War III,’ only now released nine years later in 2020 with a darker, sinister edge, but with the big guitars and vocal hooks all still intact; a cute little rock song that’s a nice filler piece. Previously, the band announced that they’d been working on a new EP, also called ‘Playing With Fire,’ but that EP has yet to be released, let alone fully revealed.

This is what the American band had to say about their first new song release in almost a decade:

“Experts say that when injected into a pre-performance regiment, the subject will achieve a 96% higher rate of speed, energy, focus, drive, determination, ambition and motivation, causing fear among opponents.”

Right! Well, go and play with fire below:

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