‘The House You Built Is Burning’: Justice For The Damned reveal second single from new LP

Debuted live at Invasion Fest in Sydney earlier this year, ‘The House You Built Is Burning‘ is the second dosage of venomous metallic hardcore from Justice For The Damned’s next LP, ‘Pain Is Power.’

Out May 8th, ‘Pain Is Power‘ is so far shaping up to be another solid yet more “metal” release from JFTD, one in which the Sydney band just sounds a lot more sure and confident of themselves, their art, and their musical abilities. From the galloping introduction and blistering riffs; the burly hardcore build-up at 0:36 that’s perfect for your leg warm-ups and the heavy-as-shit discordant breakdown just after the minute mark; to how Justice go that extra bit harder and slower for the song’s secondary, final breakdown before some slightly cleaner, ominous guitars close out this short but snappy piece.

Out of the two singles thus far, ‘The House You Built Is Burning‘ hits way harder and stands far above ‘Guidance From The Pain‘ for me. Speaking about the song’s broken home theme of being the last one left when everyone else has walked away, vocalist Bobak Rafiee has stated that:

“There will always come a time in our lives, that we must walk away from people we love, respect or admire. This includes family. This is a story about being the last one holding on when everyone else has walked away. You can fight, you should fight, but one day you have to realise you must now let go. You cannot drown, you cannot continue giving your all to someone so toxic.” 


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