Push Over (Royal Coda’s Kurt Travis & Fall Of Troy’s Thomas Erak) release new song, ‘2WO’

‘2WO,’ a brand new song from the side-project of two modern post-hardcore legends.

Push Over, the joint side-band between talented scene singer Kurt Travis (Royal Coda, ex-Dance Gavin Dance) and mathcore guitar wiz, Thomas Erak (The Fall Of Troy), released a new song the other week, the angular and face-shredding ‘2WO.’ If you know the work of these two musicians than you’ll be savvy to exactly what kind of wild, proggy post-hardcore you’re in for here.

Quickly forming back in 2017, and after a three-track demo that same year, this cool little side-project between the two modern post-hardcore legends went silent, suddenly reappearing on January 10th, 2020, for their previous single, ‘1NE.’ Instead of taking another three years off due to their other life and band commitments, they’re back again with another new song, ‘2WO,’ their fifth released track as a band.

Taking Kurt’s soaring vocal styles from that of Royal Coda and his older DGD appearances and lacing them with the progressive, sporadic instrumental style of The Fall Of Troy and Thomas‘ frenetic guitar playing, that’s exactly what ‘2WO‘ sounds like. (With Thomas tracking all of the instruments, as he was a drummer before he started ripping the shit out of guitars with awesome math-rock riffs.) It’s the best of older Fall Of Troy and ‘Happiness‘ era DGD minus the raw screams, with the vocals and guitars complimenting each other so well from where both bands would’ve been over a decade ago.

This is obviously a project that the duo comes back to whenever they have new ideas or at the very least, the spare time to put their heads down and nut out some wild post-hardcore tunes. While there’s zero news of another EP or any other kind of more material to come, jump into ‘2WO‘ below:

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