Our Last Night announce that they will be covering Covid-19

On March 27th, 2020, Silent Planet frontman Garrett Russell tweeted that “covid-19 is unique because it’s the first major viral event since 2010 that has not been covered by our last night.” The tweet gained over 12,000 likes and 2,000 plus retweets.

Today, in a polarising, exclusive video interview with Alternative Press, popular alternative covers band, Our Last Night, who turn in tens of millions of views for covering chart-topping pop songs, plan to fulfill this prophecy. Stating that with fewer big pop or rap songs left for the group to cover, they are now setting their musical rendition sights on that of our current global pandemic.

Asked on-camera by an underpaid AP intern, who risked it all by being within 1.5 metres of the band to conduct the interview, about whether or not this was a good idea, Our Last Night proclaimed that it, in fact, made perfect sense for a music group who does indeed play live shows.

“We’ve covered some of the catchiest hits over the years, and well, what’s catchier than this right now?” said the band who do actually make their own original music.

“Our covers have gone viral, and that now means something very different, so what with people self-isolating and quarantining themselves for weeks at a time, there’s no better time to rack up millions of more views on art that’s not our own.”

“It’s not like our own songs and videos get that much anyway,” the group candidly added.

Hot off the heels of covering Justin Bieber’s ‘Intentions‘ with an alt-rock, post-hardcore spin, Our Last Night say that they will forge ahead into somehow musically covering Covid-19, colloquially known as Coronavirus, no matter what their critics suggest.

“A band covering a virus? That’s unheard of! See, it’s forward-thinking ideas like this that have positioned our band at the forefront of modern rock music. Get ready to download it on iTunes before you know it!”

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