Trapt reveal social media meltdown is mastermind plot to reclaim relevancy

Beginning in March 2020, Trapt’s Twitter account went into a meltdown by arguing with and insulting as many other bands and users as possible, starting with civil rights activist, Bishop Talbert W. Swan II, before expanding to actor Chris Evans, other artists, fans, supporting Trumpian rhetoric, and fat-shaming people, calling everyone “nerds” too. The nu-metal band, who saw success in the early 2000’s off the back of hits like ‘Headstrong‘ and ‘Sound Off,’ now play half-empty 500-cap rooms with barely any relevancy. 

“It’s not fun being known as the “Headstrong Band” so we’ve decided to change up tactics,” admitted the band’s shit-stirring frontman, Chris Taylor Brown, in a new Twitter tirade via their actual account. “Touring? Activism? Writing new music??? Nah it’s all about the fuckin drama!”

“Twitter is where it’s happening. It’s why OUR GLORIOUS PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP is so active on it. He knows! None of these other libtard band pussies even know,” the frontman would later type out into the blue bird void.

“Do any of these bitch-ass Bernie-bro posers talking shit against us even have over 30,000 Pandora listeners? Didn’t think so! They’re all a bunch of gay (as in happy!) losers” a recent, slightly problematic Tweet stated, one that also seemed to misunderstand how unique and returning listener analytics for streaming sites works.

“Modern problems require modern solutions, these bands ain’t shit” wrote the headstrong rock group in a reply to one user – who we could not confirm was a legitimate fan or simply someone egging the band on harder – regarding a “talentless” post-hardcore band who has hundreds of thousands more monthly Spotify listeners than that of Trapt.

“We even have our own parody Twitter account! How many of these other “big” bands can even say that about themselves!” tweeted the official Trapt account just before publishing but in all-caps.

“I mean, how else do you get famous in the music industry these days?” Trapt’s frontman later rhetorically asked during an acoustic Facebook live stream to under 300 people where he performed the once-deemed unplayable ‘Headstrong‘ twice before eventually ranting about Trump and “poser bands.”

We reached out to Trapt and Chris Taylor Brown for comment but the only response we were given was “pussies” followed by being sent the middle-finger emoji, twice.

Trapt will be opening up for Silent Planet on all of their rescheduled 2020 U.S. shows.

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