Holding Absence hold on with huge new single, ‘Gravity’

‘Gravity’; a brand new soul-searcher from the Holding Absence crew.

Outside of Emmure and Loathe, Holding Absence are one of my favourite bands on the SharpTone Records roster, consistently releasing emotive, melodic and atmospheric post-hardcore. Maintaining their quality monochromatic trend is their uplifting and emotional new single, ‘Gravity,’ taken from the Welsh group’s upcoming Double-A single release, ‘Gravity/Birdcage‘ (expect that second single to drop in the coming weeks.)

Following last year’s self-titled debut album, and in now making the best of a bad situation with VISA’s being cancelled and tours being canned due to our current global Covid-19 pandemic, Holding Absence smacks this new song right out of the park. Like all of the best Holding Absence tracks of the past – ‘Saint Cecilia,’ ‘Penance,’ ‘Heaven Knows,’ and ‘Like A Shadow‘ – this track makes you feel weightless; like you’re nothing but thin-air with its mighty sense of beautiful atmosphere and massive guitar and vocal melodies entwining. For me personally, ‘Gravity‘ hits me in the same powerful way their earlier singles did back in 2017 and 2018.

The message behind ‘Gravity‘ is feeling like you’ve just been cut loose and untethered, now left floating into an endless vacuum of crippling black space, with the person (or people) you need to help you not being able to cross the figurative distances and barriers to be there for you. This song is a cry for help, in many ways, an inviting out-reached hand. It’s a pretty clear metaphor about how heavy depression and anxiety alter and degrade the personal relationships around us, to the point where it feels like our shoulders are being crushed by the sheer weight of inner thoughts and pain; being pulled under by the gravitational pull of mental illness. But it comes with a silver-lining that there is a “remedy”, that there are people ready to listen and help.

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