Japan’s Paledusk unleash wicked ‘AO’ single from new EP, ‘Happy Talk’

Paledusk are absolutely a band that you need to keep on your radar in 2020.

Japan’s Paledusk are one of the gnarliest new metal bands going right now. Hailing from Fukuoka, the group have a new EP out on April 28th called ‘Happy Talk,’ following their last EP, 2019’s ‘Varied‘ and their ‘9 Smiles‘ single release. 2020 marks five years since Paledusk began and this small milestone year for the Japanese group may be their biggest yet off the back of wild tracks like ‘AO.’

With metalcore riffs galore, plenty of bouncy moves, heaps of nu-metal vibes, noisy industrial ideas, and more section changes and different parts then you can poke a stick or two at, ‘AO‘ is a gnarly, polished piece of modern metal. Paledusk makes this shit look good, all the way up to that slow, sub-heavy electro-metalcore breakdown at the end. This is an artsy, out-there, but still damned heavy prog-metalcore take on the dank yet chaotic and isolating internet age.

I also love how Paledusk clearly spent money on making this new songs’ music video look stylish and expensive, but then they just digitally distorted and washed out all of the footage to better match all of the arrangements weird synths and glitchy electronics. (All of their videos are a mixture of crazy edits, overlays, and green screens.) Now that’s hardcore; that’s going the extra mile for your art.

Check out the loveably weird ‘AO‘ below:

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