Jarrod Alonge returns to parody on Vermicide Violence’s ‘Coronaviscerated’

Jarrod Alonge returns to his deathcore parody band, Vermicide Violence, with new song ‘Coronaviscerated.’

After spending the last couple of years working away hard on his kick-ass post-hardcore/metalcore band, CrazyEightyEight, with Patty Walters from As It Is and Red Handed Denial’s Lauren Babic, YouTuber musician Jarrod Alonge has made a return to his comedic parody roots with a brand new Vermicide Violence track about COVID-19.

Cheekily titled ‘Coronaviscerated,’ and with a silly music video acting as a faux-PSA to ignorant young people around the world during this global crisis, this is exactly what you think it is: a brutal deathcore track so filthy that no amount of hand disinfectant could purify it. Like with most of his works, they may be parody in nature, yet they’re unironically enjoyable, well-written tracks for whichever given style of music that the comedian songwriter wishes to opt into.

Written by Jarrod Alonge, the song is filled out with vocals by Jake Impellizzeri of Whitelake, a band whose drummer. Frankie Mish, also performs here and whose guitarist, Lee Albrecht, mixed and mastered this surprisingly catchy extreme tune, along with a feature guitar solo from fellow YouTuber, Jared Dines. Of course, what makes these kinds of songs work is the amusingly clever lyrics, and this four-minute slam-fest is littered with witty lyrical points about social distancing, practicing good hygiene, countries to avoid during this pandemic, not to panic buy, inefficient actions by world leaders, culling the spread of misinformation, and for people to not fucking horde toilet paper like utter morons.

Vermicide Violence’s debut album, ‘The Praxis of Prophylaxis,’ is available April 17th, 2020.

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