Dregg sign with Epitaph Records, release new song ‘Hectic’

Dregg join the ranks of Epitaph Records. 

In some heckers local news today, Melbourne weirdo-hardcore act, Dregg, have signed up with Epitaph Records. Yes, that Epitaph. The U.S. record label that features such esteemed names like Bad Religion, Parkway Drive, Every Time I Die, La Dispute, The Offspring and many other rock, punk and metal acts on their roster. Congratulations, guys! Originally scheduled to play both Download Festival Australia shows this Friday and Saturday, this huge announcement for Dregg ups their profile and then some.

For those already in the know about this Aussie band’s cross-roads style of rap, hardcore, and metal, Dregg don’t have any kind of filter, and it appears that Epitaph completely understands their sense of expression and individuality. As per them seemingly letting the collective maintain their running-theme of utterly bonkers videos. ‘Hectic‘ is no different: from green screen insanity, random outfits, skits, the band telling it like it is, and whatever other whacked-out shit the band wanted to put in there; from references to Scomo’s piss-poor forced hand-shake, a little shout out to Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas, a ‘Sorry Daddy‘ self call-back at 1:11, and so much more. (All infinitely better than watching a band trying to act tough in a dark room with some B-roll and glitchy edits cut over the top.)

In a joint statement from Dregg today, the band basically expressed as much, writing that:

“It’s super humbling to be joining such an innovative yet true to its roots punk label that isn’t afraid to take risks and do things their own way. To be added to the list of greats that we grew up listening to is absolutely mind blowing. In the spirit of the culture, it’s refreshing to see a label of such magnitude allowing their artists to have so much creative freedom. We’re as excited to be a part of Epitaph records as we are to watch the label grow into the new era of punk we’re endeavouring into.”

The title of ‘Hectic‘ is a very fitting one; a revved up, meta-themed, refreshed-sounding Dregg in terms of songwriting energy and a zero-fucks-given attitude. For the way that this throttling, ’90s-aping song flows and jumps around between ballsy, riffy hardcore and rapped punk rock fully embodies a feeling of “live in the moment.” So go and do just that below! Not like there’s much else to do lately.

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