Aversions Crown announce new album, ‘Hell Will Come For Us All’

A new era of Aversions Crown begins with ‘The Soil.’

Hell Will Come For Us All,’ Aversions Crown first new record since 2016’s ‘Xenocide,’ and their first new batch of material since their 2018 single ‘The Breeding Process,’ will open its hellish portal up on June 12th. With this recent news came our first glimpse into this next record’s dimension with ‘The Soil.’

Sitting on the shorter side for these Aussie metallers, ‘The Soil‘ fits within a modern yet very comfortable and generic deathcore sound, a la their peers in Thy Art Is Murder and Fit For An Autopsy. Blast beats, lots of space, gloomy melodies, and all. But with a lot of the band’s trademarked dissonance and atmosphere lost, and the signature nasty vocal transitions of former screamer Mark Poida now all gone in favour of their new vocalists one-dimensional mid-range vocals, Aversions Crown have never sounded this mundane before. Most of their old songs always went somewhere, but this just goes nowhere. ‘The Soil‘ is but one track though, so who knows what else may be lying in wait on their upcoming third record.

As for who the new vocalist is, Aversions Crown have remained silent on a name and any kind of identity announcement, perhaps saving that for closer to the release date of ‘Hell Will Come For Us All,’ if at all. Yet after some quick Reddit sleuthing, and looking over the visuals of their newest music video and promo shots, it looks like it could be Tyler Miller from U.S. deathcore band, The Guild. It sure looks and sounds like him anyway! [Update: it is Tyler Miller.]

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